Natural Geode Adventurer Series Set featuring 60X-120X Portable LED Handheld Microscope, Ultimate Natural Geode Exploration Set and more


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The Higher the Magnification - The More Detail You'll See

Magnification 40x
Magnification 1000x
Magnification 2500x

Magnification is the ability of your microscope to make small objects seem larger. As the magnification increases the area being viewed will be decrease is size but the detail of the area being viewed will improve.

Amscope microscopes come with multiple magnifications to aid you in finding the proper magnification for viewing each specimen.

Camera Connection Types

When comparing 2.0 and 3.0 there are few major differences. First the transfer rates. USB 2.0 offers transfer rates of 480 Mbps and USB 3.0 offers transfer rates of 4.8 Gbps - that's 10 times faster.

Camera Resolution

The most important factor in ensuring successful microscopic imaging is choosing the appropriate optics and camera for your application that gives you more data and higher image quality. When selecting a microscope camera, it is best to base your decision on the most important requirements for your microscopic observation.

Key Features

  • STEM learning made fun! You and your child will enjoy hours observing objects around your home or outdoors with this portable battery-operated handheld microscope kit (AAA battery included)
  • This kit includes a 60X-120X magnification battery-operated handheld microscope with accessories including a stand, coarse and fine focus, built-in LED illumination, objective lens cover, smartphone mount, wrist strap and blank and prepared slides
  • Keep the fun and learning going when you break open a geode to discover fascinating crystals! This is a fun and interactive activity to share with your child.
  • This kit includes 4 natural geodes, a pair of safety goggles, storage bag, magnifying glass plus easy-to-follow instructions,! Everything you need to see nature’s most magnificent creations firsthand
  • This adventurer set includes a portable handheld microscope (battery-operated), break your own geode kit, grow your own crystal kit and Rocks and Minerals book by National Geographic Kids
  • Recommended for Ages 10+


AmScope products are warranted against manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship from the original date of purchase, for the following years: 

• Five Year Warranty for Microscopes: All our microscopes come with a five (5) year factory warranty against manufacturing defects, covering labor and parts. 
• Ten Year Warranty for Euromex Microscopes: All our Euromex microscopes come with a ten (10) year factory warranty against manufacturing defects, covering labor and parts.
• One Year Warranty for Telescopes: All our telescopes come with a one (1) year warranty, except when specified in the description. 
• One Year Warranty for Accessories: All our microscope accessories (USB cameras, illuminators, illumination, dust covers, and etc.) come with a one (1) year warranty, except when specified in the description.
• One Year Warranty for Items labeled as “Product Ships From Manufacturer”: All products that are shipped directly from the manufacturer come with a one (1) year warranty, except when specified in the description. 

Warranty does not apply for consumable accessories and parts such as bulbs, batteries, fuses, cords, optical components or any add-on accessories such as mechanical specimen holders that are not built into the microscope stage as an integral part of the original manufacture, etc. Warranty does not cover microscopes, lenses cameras or other accessories that have become inoperable due to dirt or damage due to misuse or lack of maintenance. 

Note: Buyers are responsible for return shipping and handling cost for warranty services. Our warranty covers parts and labor only.


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