Explore the universe with AmScope's great assortment of telescopes. From entry-level telescopes for children to advance models suitable for deep space exploration - we carry a product for everyone. All telescopes come with tripods or tabletop stands.

EQ Series: Equatorial telescope mounts have been accurately polar aligned with the polar axis of the Earth enabling you to follow celestial objects in the night sky. Shop Now.

AZ Series: The refractor alt-az telescopes simplify terrestrial observing and sky-gazing by allowing you to move the telescope up and down and left to right using altitude azimuth mounts. Shop Now.

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29 items

29 items


29 items


45X to 450X, 900x70mm Kid's Telescope

Sku: TLS-70900

$131.99 $109.99

TLR-C76700 Telescope

IQCREW 35X-350X 76mm Reflector Telescope

Sku: TLR-C76700

$167.99 $139.99


AMSCOPE-KIDS 45-450X 900x60mm Telescope

Sku: TLS-60900

$119.99 $99.99


AMSCOPE-KIDS 30-180X 600x50mm Telescope

Sku: TLS-S50600

$71.99 $59.99

Sky Gazer 76300 Dobsonian Telescope

IQCrew Tabletop Dobsonian Telescope

Sku: TLD-76300

$83.99 $69.99