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Microscope eyepieces - or oculars - are used to magnify the primary image produced by an objective lens. Eyepieces come in focusable and non-focusable versions, numerous different magnifications and different eyepiece tube diameters.

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46 items

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46 items

10X Microscope Eyepiece

One WF10X Microscope Eyepiece (23mm)

Sku: EP10X23-S

$22.99 $19.99

25X 23mm Eyepiece

One 25X Microscope Eyepiece (23mm)

Sku: EP25X23-S-V202

$33.99 $29.99

microscope eyepiece EP16X23-S.jpg

One WF 16X Microscope Eyepiece (23mm)

Sku: EP16X23-S

$27.99 $23.99

EP20X23-S microscope eyepiece.jpg

One WF20X Microscope Eyepiece (23mm)

Sku: EP20X23-S

$29.99 $25.99

microscope eyepiece EP25X23-S.jpg

One WF25X Microscope Eyepiece (20mm)

Sku: EP25X20-S

$22.99 $19.99


5X Single Microscope Eyepiece (23mm)

Sku: EP5X23-S

$19.99 $16.99

microscope eyepiece EP25X23

Pair of 25X Microscope Eyepieces 23mm

Sku: EP25X23-V202

$67.99 $58.99