6 Reasons to Purchase a Kid's Microscope Kit for Your Child

 If you’ve been looking for top-notch gifts, toys, or activities that help promote science education in kids, consider the microscope. Giving the gift of a kid’s microscope kit is like giving the gift of science as a whole. It introduces youngsters to many of the core scientific disciplines that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Microscopes contribute broadly to natural sciences like biology, Earth sciences, and chemistry and to applied sciences like forensics and engineering. In other words, it will most likely become a significant focus in the life of your budding scientist, regardless of which field he or she enters down the road. Here are some more reasons to invest in a microscope kit for your child.

  1. It Fosters a Deep Love for Science – Any time you can demonstrate complex ideas through engaging, hands-on activities, they will stay with your child for longer. Introducing them to the wonders of the world around them through prolonged scientific observation and inquiry will spark a deep love and interest that will propel them later in life. Hands-on free and guided time with the microscope helps familiarize kids with basic scientific concepts, so they feel confident in school and professional applications.

  1. It Comes with Everything You Need – Most of the best microscopes for kids come with accessories and essentials you need for hundreds of unique observations, experiments, and activities. Select an all-inclusive kid’s microscope kit that comes with both blank slides and prepared specimen slides, as well as fun extras like microscopy (the use of the microscope) books and specimen-handling tools. An included manual or guide will offer lots of fun and unique activities, so you and your child get the most out of your scope.

  1. It Keeps Them Entertained for Hours – As a parent or an educator, we all know it can be a doozy trying to keep kids entertained without phones, tablets, computers, or TVs, but there’s something about the interactive experience of a microscope that keeps them engaged for long periods of time, all without the pixels. Whether you’re challenging them to find new things to observe or have created a structured, weeks-long experiment, a microscope may be just what you need to give your child some screen-free entertainment for a prolonged period.

  1. It Promotes Active Learning – These days, lecturing students from the pages of a book is no longer effective nor recommended. Research shows that demonstrative, active learning has consistently resulted in improved student academic outcomes, including higher levels of achievement and engagement. You can encourage this type of learning through scientific play and experimentation at home.

  1. It Gives Them a Leg Up in School – Of course, anything you can do to prepare a child for academic success is a win-win, especially if it just so happens to be fun, too. Teaching the basics of microscopy at home—and, in turn, concepts in biology, chemistry and beyond—will help your child enter his or her academic career well-prepared, giving them a bit of a head start so they excel in all STEM disciplines.

  1. It Teaches Them Scientific Concepts – Home-based educational activities will simultaneously teach kids core scientific concepts, as well as educational basics. In addition to fundamentals like cell theory and magnification, when you have a microscope in the home, your kids will also be introduced to problem-solving skills, the scientific method, and critical thinking, among many other important science themes.

Why Start with a Kid-Friendly Microscope?

Note that while kid’s microscopes are made for kids, they’re not toys. In fact, they all offer pretty serious magnification, with some magnifying up to 1,000X. So, you might ask, why don’t you just purchase a regular, adult microscope? The answer lies in the construction. Most kid’s microscopes are constructed with kid-friendly components, making them sturdy and hard to break.

AmScope is a fantastic place to purchase high-quality, kid-friendly microscope kits for parents, educators, nannies, and others seeking highly engaging, entertaining, and educational activities for kids. Let us help you find the perfect youth scope for your needs.