Why Everyone Needs Digital Integrated Microscopes

With so many microscopes on the market, it can be to locate your next microscope. It is particularly frustrating when many of the microscope models you buy get damaged or stolen. That is why you should consider getting a digital integrated microscope. These microscopes come with cameras to prevent damage or loss to key parts of the microscope, such as its objectives, illumination, and cameras. They are particularly good for classrooms and commercial settings with limited space. 

Read on to learn more about OMAX's digital integrated microscopes, why you should consider getting one as your next microscope, and the benefits of the OMAX brand.

What is a Digital Integrated Microscope?

Digital integrated microscopes, also known as digital microscopes, use digital cameras to transform and streamline your microscopy workplace. Unlike traditional or optical microscopes, they come with digital cameras that are integrated into an ergonomically-designed unit. Images are shown on a monitor or screen, making it easier than ever to inspect and analyze specimens. Many models also use advanced software to perform tasks such as analyzing 3D samples, recording videos, editing video footage, editing images, and creating reports. 

In general, digital microscopes are sturdier than traditional microscopes. By using digital cameras instead of traditional eyepieces, which can be easily damaged, digital cameras prevent loss and damage to the microscope's illumination, objectives, and camera. 

Digital integrated microscopes also give you the following benefits: 

  • Collaboration: Digital microscopes allow you to share information and images with colleagues easier since you can just project images onto a screen from your computer.
  • High-quality images: Digitally integrated microscopes give you high-quality images since they can project images directly to the camera. They also come with other features, such as high dynamic range (HDR) and anti-halation, to reduce glare, improve contrast, and provide better image texture than you would get from using a traditional microscope. Further, there is a reduced need to prepare samples for imaging since many digital microscopes offer a large depth of field and long working distance.
  • World-class magnification: Many digital microscopes provide higher magnification than traditional microscopes. Some models can even provide up to 7000X with optical zoom.
  • Image storage: Images from a digital microscope can be saved onto a storage device or hard drive. This makes it easier for students, scientists, and other users to store, reference, and analyze the images.
  • A shallow learning curve: Finally, digital microscopes are easier to learn to use than optical microscopes. This means you and your colleagues will have more time to analyze results and create reports.

Why You Should Get OMAX's Digital Integrated Microscopes

OMAX's digital integrated microscopes have something for everyone, whether you are an educator looking for microscopes for schools, labs, and universities or an at-home scientist looking for microscopes with cameras.

They are particularly well-suited for classroom use, where there is always a risk of losing or having microscope parts stolen. Since our digital microscopes are solid units that don't come with easily-detachable parts, potential thieves or careless students will not be able to steal or lose expensive parts.

OMAX microscopes are also perfect for commercial settings where space is at a premium. Instead of buying multiple microscopes so everyone can see what you are seeing, you can collaborate with your colleagues by directly streaming high-quality live images from the microscope to workstations and computers. Most of our models are compatible with Windows PC and Mac and two are compatible with HDMI and PC.

Here are some other benefits that our digital microscopes offer:

  • Integrated cameras that have camera pixels ranging from 1.3 to 5.0 MP
  • 7X to 2500X magnification with digitized eyepieces and objective lenses. Most of our offerings offer magnification from 40X to 2500X.
  • A double-layer mechanical stage, fine focus, and coaxial coarse for precise adjustments
  • LED or halogen light sources that provide bright illumination for imaging and viewing specimens

What's more, our digital integrated microscopes work with a wide range of camera options and come in three different categories:

  1. Compound: These are the type of microscopes that come to mind when you think of a microscope. They stand upright and use two sets of lenses. They can come in monocular, binocular or trinocular models.
  2. Stereo: Also known as a stereoscopic or dissecting microscope, a stereo microscope is designed for low magnification. A premier example would be our MD428C10, which is perfect for workshops, labs, and classrooms. It features bottom and top lighting that you can use to view translucent and opaque specimens. They can come in binocular, simul focal and trinocular
  3. USB: Our USB microscopes connect to your computer's USB port. They don't require eyepieces and show images directly on your computer screen. They are a good low-powered alternative to our other models and work like webcams with powerful macro lenses. Compact and lightweight, these USBs are a great addition for scientists, researchers, and students who travel a lot. 

As such, you can use them in many industries, from education and medicine to industrial manufacturing and research. Here are some examples of what you can do with our OMAX digital microscopes:

  • Image and analyze specimens for research purposes
  • Present forensic evidence in court 
  • Teach high school and university biology classes
  • Inspect collectible stamps and coins
  • Make detailed repairs to watches and jewelry
  • Analyze historical documents
  • Conserve and restore artwork
  • Conduct research for paleontology and archaeology
  • Inspect small manufacturing parts like connector pins
  • Inspect and fix automobile brake pads
  • Boost industrial quality assurance and quality control processes
  • Inspect semiconductor wire bonding
  • Determine the presence and number of defects during the automotive painting process

The OMAX Difference

The OMAX brand of microscopes is targeted towards professionals. However, they can also be used by anyone who wants to use high-quality microscopes. In fact, we highly encourage this democratic approach to science. We at AmScope aim to promote public interest in science by making research-grade microscopes available to consumers of all academic and economic backgrounds.

Like all of our offerings, our OMAX microscopes come with fast and free shipping as well as easy 30-day returns. For more information about our OMAX offerings, please contact us. Our dedicated team of product experts is always ready to help.