Zooming In: How This 3D Microscope Magnifies Workflow Efficiency

From soldering electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs) to a close-up inspection of gears or springs, many industrial applications require a 3D microscope to get the job done. Conventional microscopes can be a solution in some instances, but AmScope's innovative 3D Digital Microscope for Industrial Inspection gives those involved in industrial inspection fields a better way to view their work.

Are you into PCB soldering, machine inspection, or quality assurance? Maybe you need a digital microscope for work, or maybe you're an enthusiast looking for a crisper view of your project? No matter the application, less required workspace, high-powered optics, real-time imaging, and a 3D view are a few ways that this digital microscope improves the industrial inspection process, so here's a closer look at what it can do for you. 

The Problem With Traditional Microscopes

Traditional microscopes are an excellent tool for many applications, and while we offer a wide variety of these microscopes at AmScope, we recognize their limitations in certain use cases. Electronic soldering, machine component inspection, quality assurance, and similar fields have special requirements that make traditional scopes a poor choice for magnification. Some of them include: 

  • Space. While some environments, like classroom settings, may have ample space available, some workbenches have limited space. The double-arm boom stand of conventional microscopes can be too bulky for industrial inspection applications, so a narrow (yet steady) base is important. 
  • Maneuverability. Small slides can be moved across a stage with relative ease, but what if the object is larger or crowded with much to see? PCBs must often be viewed from multiple angles, and getting a clear vantage point is no easy task with a standard microscope. 
  • Comfort. Anyone who has looked through a microscope for an extended period of time knows how quickly discomfort sets in. While traditional microscopes force viewers into poor posture and may cause eventual eye strain, the comfort of a digital microscope can provide an ergonomic view. 
  • Add-ons. Eyepieces, filters, bulbs, and stands are just a few accessories that may need to be purchased alongside a traditional microscope — and the costs can add up quick. Replace the need for optic accessories with an HD view, and the savings can pay off. 

For any project to be a success, you need the right tool for the job. Traditional microscopes work well in many applications, but the precision, complexity, and multiangled views common to industrial inspection and electronic soldering may require something more.

3D Digital Microscopes: A Better Solution

At AmScope, we understand the unique needs of each microscope application, so we created our 3D Digital Microscope for Industrial Inspection to deliver the functionality that traditional microscopes just can't provide. The result is a product tailored to the needs of PCB soldering, quality assurance, and industrial inspection, complete with features that are sure to boost your workflow efficiency and deliver a clear view for inspection. Here are some of the specs.

3D Rotation 

The crowded surfaces common in inspection microscope applications create a need to examine an object from multiple vantage points, and our digital inspection microscope makes that possible. Rather than examining the object through the objective lens, users may attach the 3D rotary viewer and gain a new perspective just by turning it to the angle they need. The series of mirrors contained on the rotary viewer head provides access to any angle and enables the user to easily adjust the attachment instead of moving or flipping the piece.

In addition to enabling a comfortable examination process, the 3D rotary viewer makes users more productive, as they need only spend a fraction of the time it takes to bring the proper angle of the specimen into view. A faster, easier view means greater workflow efficiency — and more precision too.

HD Real-time Imaging

Some applications require a sharper image than the ones that traditional microscopes can supply — and without it, the quality of the project will suffer. For instance, resistors and other electronic components are often color-coded to indicate their values, and the inability to tell which color is used may yield inaccurate information as to the circuit's actual performance. 

Our 3D digital inspection microscope delivers the crisp picture quality needed for such important applications. The use of HDMI streaming technology eliminates lag to give a real-time view at a smooth 60 fps. Multiple measuring capabilities are also built into that software, like magnification-specific calibration that allows viewers to accurately draw lines, arcs, ellipses, and more, and dimensions can be accurately measured within the image itself. Files can also be saved on external USB devices, enabling the high-definition images shown on the 11.6" screen to be shared or viewed at a later time.

Improved Zoom Optics and Lighting 

The use of multiple lenses in traditional microscopes can result in inconsistent focus and distortion caused by lens-tilt, and the applications common to industrial inspection can't afford such losses in clarity. Single objective lenses like those found in our digital inspection microscopes offer optical improvement over stereo microscopes, and their 0.7X to 4.5X magnification is ideal for many electronic soldering, quality assurance, and industrial inspection applications. The clip-on 144-LED ring light can even improve illumination in low-visibility applications and simulate natural daylight to protect photosensitive specimens while generating minimal heat.

AmScope: For All Your 3D Microscope Needs

Industrial inspection microscopy is used in many cutting-edge industries, and they depend on the sophistication that 3D digital microscopes provide. Clearer optics, advanced measuring and streaming capabilities, and an all-around view are just a few features that the 3D Digital Microscope for Industrial Inspection delivers, and it can improve their users' workflow efficiency so that they can conduct their projects at the level of excellence their field demands.

At AmScope, we provide the 3D digital microscopes that the industrial inspection industry relies on. We're also focused on providing the top-quality service that you deserve, so contact us today.