Your MA series camera will come with the following:

- Camera body. This body will display the model number information (MA500, MA1000, etc).When you assemble the camera, remove the lens cap and any tabs that may be covering the sensor area.

USB cord. One side of the USB cord is a proprietary shape designed specifically for your camera. The other is a standard USB plug that will connect to your laptop or desktop computer.

Reduction lens. The 0.5x reduction lens reduces the effective magnification the camera provides. Cameras do not have an exact magnification, but ithe sensor crops the field of view, giving the camera what we refer to as "effective magnification". This is roughly the equivalent of using a 30x-40x eye piece. Obviously the effective magnification is going to provide a different image when compared to your 10x eye pieces that you probably have (10x is the most common power eye piece with Amscope models). The reduction lens will cut back on the estimated magnification of the camera, but still not equal the same image as your eye pieces. This stronger magnification means that your specimen will appear closer and your field of view will be smaller when compared to your 10x eye pieces. 

Adapters. There are two adapters that will be provided with your camera. One is a 23mm to 30mm adapter and the other is 23mm to 30.5mm adapter. These will only be used if you need to use the camera in place of an eye piece. Some models, such as the SM and ZM stereo microscopes, have 30mm eye pieces. Therefore, you would place the 23mm-30mm adapter on the tapered end of the reduction lens and slide the adapter side into the ocular port where the eye piece was. The SE series stereo microscopes have a 30.5mm eye piece diameter. To use the camera, you would use the 23mm-30.5mm adapter (instead of the 23mm-30mm) and use in lieu of the eye piece. If you have a monocular or binocular head and the eye piece diameter is 23mm, you do not need an adapter.

-Software disc. Many computers do not come with a CD-ROM but if yours does, you can install the softwware and drivers (if required) from the CD. However, we highly recommend using the website download page over using the disc. You can go to the following URL for the downloads:


The primary difference in the cameras are the software that they use. The MD/MU/MW/WF/MFC HD200 series cameras use AmScope's brand of ToupView for Windows; for Mac, it's AmScopeX or more currently AmScopeX +.

For the MA/MC/MT and HD1080, ISCapture is used for WIndows and ISListen for Mac. 

Please see below for assembly.

Lens caps



When selecting the software for Windows 7, 8, or 10, select the MA series under "Select Camera" and select Windows for "Select Operating System". See below.


Installing softwareMA drop


Once you've done this, two tables will appear. Click "download" under Download link for the newest version of IS Capture. This will prompt your PC to download and install the program.



Once you click "download", the download and install process will begin.



Next, follow the next 5 steps to install IS Capture.

1 thru 5


After the software is installed, finish installing the driver v2.5 in the same manner.

driver install

After you have installed both the software and the driver, you will have the ISCapture icon. Plug in your camera via USB cable, double click the icon, and enjoy your camera.