Introducing new and innovative products to help your child continue learning while having fun at the same time! Our awesome assortment of microscope is paired with books, computer software, real samples of specimens to examine, and more. All to keep the fun and learning going.

85+ Piece Kid's Premium Microscope Kit with Digital Camera

Boasting over 85+ pieces, this immersive and complete exploration kit has all the necessary tools required for microscopy. The kit also includes a digital camera and interactive kids' software, perfect for the virtual classroom!

An AmScope Exclusive!

Premium Portable LCD Color Digital Microscope Activity Kits

Introducing Amscopes new Look and Learn™ microscope and activity kits. We've paired our fantastic 3.5-inch screen portable LCD microscope with specimens to examine, books, and more to create an engaging activity kit for your child.

Deluxe Dual-Illumination Stereo Microscope Kits

With a variety of complete kits to choose from, the Deluxe Dual-Illumination Stereo Microscope brings the world unseen into focus. The bundle includes several activity options like studying fossils, minerals, and more! Enhance your child's learning experience with an optional digital camera.

Easy-To-Use Handheld Microscope Kits

Taking your observation tools on-the-go has never been so easy. Our pocket-sized microscopes enable your young explorer to observe the microscopic world with ease. We've also matched these microscopes with activity kits and accessories to elevate the learning experience for your child.