5 Amazing Summer Activities for Kids!

Summer is an exciting season filled with wonder and joy, and it can also be an educational one. It's the perfect time to have your children get involved in some amazing summer activities for kids. Take a look at these five amazing summer science activities that your kids can participate in using our AmScope products.

1. Insect Exploring

There are so many kinds of insects roaming about during the summertime. Give your kids the chance to learn more about these creatures by introducing them to our Insect Exploration Kit. This kit has over 52 pieces. It features a 120× to 1,200× microscope as well as blank and prepared slides. There are also several readily available experiments your kids can conduct with this kit to learn more about insects. In addition, there is a 1000 Facts About Insects book from National Geographic Kids. 

Your kids can go back and forth between looking at slides of various insect specimens and reading about them in the book. There are also informative colored cards that your kids can use to gain a firmer understanding of several insects. For added fun, have your children go outside and observe some of the critters they view on their microscopes. They'll have plenty of insects to look for, including butterflies, mosquitos, bees, and dragonflies. They will have a great time with this summer science for kids activity!

2. Rock Collecting

A rock is a fun object your child can play with and examine. Rocks have unique textures that kids find fascinating. Some are smooth, while others have a rough surface. Give your kids the chance to collect and analyze rocks by presenting them with our Rock and Mineral Collecting Activity Kit. This kit has a portable microscope that supports top and bottom illumination as well as 20× and 50× magnification.

There's also a National Geographic Kids book on rocks and minerals in the kit. Your kids will love the 15 rock samples that they can start analyzing right away. The samples include obsidian, granite, limestone, slate, marble, pumice, and shale. Some children may have a hard time picking up the samples, so we have added tweezers in the kit, which they can use to handle each rock safely. Allow your kids to explore the luster, texture, color, shape, and size of various rocks by taking advantage of this kit today. You could also have them venture outside, find rocks of their own, and take a look at them underneath their microscope. It's a great form of summer fun for kids!

3. Fossil Uncovering

Fossils are one of the most enticing things you can show young children. The fact that fossils are a piece of the past is mind-blowing for kids. Let your kids witness the wonders of fossils with our Fossil Collecting Activity Kit. This kit has a portable microscope with top and bottom illumination in addition to 20× and 50× magnifications. There's an eyepiece camera that your child can use to view and record fossil specimens and PC- and Mac-compatible software they can use to edit what they have captured. 

Our kit contains 18 fossil specimens that your kids will have a great time analyzing. These specimens include sea urchin, clam, coral, sand dollar, shark teeth, and ray teeth. There's also a Scholastic Press book about fossils that your children can read through. It will teach them how fossils are formed and how paleontologists go about finding them. Your kids will be elated at the chance to learn about such important parts of history and science. To make things even more interesting, you can place the fossils in a sandbox outside and have your kids go out and dig them up before analyzing them.

4. Plant Discovering

Plants are all around. Whether it's the indoor plants or outdoor ones, plants are amazing living things with leaves, flowers, and stems available for study. You can have your kids study these fine specimens by getting them one of our kids activity kits, the Kids Beginner Microscope Kit. This kit has a microscope with six magnifications ranging from 120× to 1,200×. The microscope also has a coaxial coarse focus knob, an LED light, and a metal arm. The advanced elements of this microscope help render optics that are extremely clear and precise. Your kids will be able to view even the cellular parts of a plant using this kit.

Encourage your children to run around in the summer breeze in search of different plant parts. They may be interested in looking at the leaves of a tree or maybe a petal from a fully blossomed flower. They may even be curious about what bark would look like underneath a microscope. Watch your kids spend hours upon hours uncovering the biological nature of a plant with this kit. They will have the time of their lives and will have a great deal of information to share with you!

5. World Traveling

You may or may not get the chance to take your kids on an international trip this summer. But even if you don't, this should not stop them from engaging in a world travel activity. Have them take advantage of our Worldwide Postage Stamp Collecting Activity Kit. This kit consists of a 20× and 50× dual-illumination, an eyepiece camera with accompanying software, 100 stamps from different regions of the world, 200 flag seals, a stamp collecting album, and a hand magnifier. The stamps come in a vast array of appealing designs, and your kids will love examining them under their microscope or hand magnifier.

Motivate your kids to fill as many pages in their stamp collecting album as they can. Their aim should be to match each stamp to a specific country, using their country flag seals. As they examine each stamp, your kids will learn more about the landscape, history, and culture of different countries. It will be a visually stimulating and mentally challenging activity indeed. 

The summer season can be a joy for kids and parents alike. Your children will have a blast using our microscope products, and you'll enjoy watching them take part in kids science activities and learn in creative and engaging ways. Check out all of AmScope's children's products on our website.