Top Industry Leading Laboratory Microscopes in 2022

High-quality laboratory microscopes are essential for the daily work life of individuals in a diverse array of fields, from jewelry manufacturing to biotechnology to archaeology. It is also a powerful educational tool for those who are training to work in these industries and fields. Perhaps more than any other, this one piece of equipment provides insight into the inner workings of the items being studied or worked with.

But what features make lab microscopes high-quality, and how much do they cost? If you have never had to shop for a laboratory microscope before, you may not know the answers to these questions. Although it is true that the more features you need on your microscope, the more you are likely to pay, Euromex offers a wide range of top-rated laboratory microscopes at lower prices than many other manufacturers in the industry. 

Euromex is a Holland-based company that has been in the microscope manufacturing business since 1966. They have built themselves up as a respected and successful company by consistently providing their customers with state-of-the-art laboratory microscopes at reasonable prices. And if you need assistance finding the right microscope for your needs, they have a team of knowledgeable customer service representatives standing by that can help you learn about the various types and grades of available microscopes. They can give you the information you need to decide which microscope will best fit your job specifications and your budget.

Amscope is an American based distributor of Euromex products. They offer a wide array of styles, types and features for you to choose from. They understand that many of their customers are first-time buyers and may not be entirely sure what microscope features they need to accomplish their tasks. AmScope's knowledgeable staff are always ready to answer any customer questions, and offer advice and support to any potential buyer who is not sure how to find a microscope that will suit their needs.

This article will discuss some of the top microscopes in 2022, and give an overview of their features to help you figure out if they will suit your needs. Both compound and stereo microscopes will be covered. All professional grade Euromex microscopes that are mentioned in this article are available on the Amscope website for purchase.

Euromex Compound Microscopes 

Compound microscopes may be considered the standard type of microscope that most people are familiar with. They are commonly found in high school and university classrooms as well as clinical and research labs. They are designed to view small, flattened objects or materials, such as specimens or fluid samples, on a slide. They have a series of mirrors and lenses pointed towards a stable mount where the items being observed can be held securely. Generally, the eyepieces are fixed in place and can only be moved up and down to focus. 

Euromex compound microscopes are as useful in the classroom as they are in a clinical lab. Durable and customizable, these microscopes will give you the power and convenience you need at affordable prices. 

As an additional safety measure and to protect the integrity of your samples, the most critical components of all Euromex microscopes are treated with an antibacterial protection layer (APL). The antimicrobial performance of this paint has been verified by independent laboratories and found to meet international standards. It has been proven to be up to 99% effective against E. coli, MRSA, and other common pathogens. 


The Euromex iScope is suitable for training in a classroom, work in a life sciences lab or any medical lab. It offers magnification from 40X to 1000X and can be adapted to meet a wide variety of educational or research needs with 4 mounting sizes. Two mounting adapters are included in the purchase price, making it even easier to adjust the mount to suit your needs.

The trinocular design, with three eyepieces that can view the specimen simultaneously, is perfect for an educational environment. With the extra eyepiece, the professor can see exactly what the student is looking at in real time. This prevents the need for the professor or student to waste time trying to re-find the cell or organism in question. The extra eyepiece can also be used to help the students learn to adjust the focus or identify what they are seeing. 

Designed to be fully portable, the integrated carrying grip and cable storage system make it easy to transport the IScope securely wherever it is needed. The iCare energy saving system automatically turns the microscope off when not in use. This could lead to substantial reduction of energy usage in a large lab or classroom. 

Perhaps the most helpful feature contained in this microscope is the NeoLED design. This allows for larger apertures which in turn produce higher resolution images. The NeoLED offers other advantages such as no additional heating, which is great for protecting fragile samples, lessening energy consumption, and increasing the microscope's functional lifetime. 


Created for use in the laboratory or the classroom, the BScope microscope has a quadruple objective turret which allows for magnification of up to 25,000X. This is powerful enough for most clinical and research labs, as well as advanced classrooms. 

This microscope can be powered either by a cord or by rechargeable batteries, and is light enough to be carried safely anywhere. Want to study the inner workings of a leaf while it is still attached to the tree? This microscope can help you do that. Its ability to function without the use of a wired power source makes it a great choice for marine biologists, entomologists or other fields where the most accurate research happens on site in the great outdoors. 

The NeoLED illumination’s low energy requirements mean that you will have all of the light you need to get the job done without draining the batteries too quickly. 


The MicroBlue Microscope is a sturdy entry level tool with a very affordable price. Don’t let the price or the term entry level scare you off however — the MicroBlue is powerful enough for most classrooms and many labs. 

This microscope offers 40X to 1000X magnification, which is enough to study microorganisms or get accurate results from blood or tissue samples. Available with one, two, or three eyepieces, you will not need to pay for more visualization than you need. 

The LED illumination offers clear views without using much power. This is ideal, as this microscope can be powered by rechargeable batteries making it completely portable. It is also tough enough to take the occasional bumps of being moved around, and can stand up to some potential rough handling by students.


The BioBlue compound microscope comes in several different configurations, ranging from an affordable entry level model to a high-powered professional model. Every configuration of this microscope also comes with a digital camera for taking still shot images and video.

All of the grades of this microscope are portable and have the option of being powered by the included cord or rechargeable batteries. Available in one, two or three eyepiece versions, each are illuminated with LED lighting to reduce power consumption while still providing clear, bright lighting. Now you have the power to view specimens all day regardless of whether you have a power source nearby. 

The digital camera uses Windows technology for processing and transferring images and video. There is no need to learn new technology just to share your findings with the world. 

Euromex Stereo Microscopes


Stereo microscopes, also known as dissection microscopes, view larger three-dimensional objects. They allow the user to view large objects at lower magnifications than the compound microscope. In exchange for this loss of magnification, stereo microscopes offer different objective lenses and eyepieces for each eye. This provides the viewer with depth perception and a complete 3D view of the items being observed. If you need to view larger objects or must manipulate the object while under magnification, this is the best type of microscope for you. 

AmScope offers a wide range of stereo microscopes manufactured by Euromex. These microscopes for observation and manipulation may be just what you need if you teach life sciences or work in an animal lab that performs dissections, or if you need to work with larger objects with tiny parts like circuit boards. 


Available with either a rack and pinon track stand or the more affordable pillar stand, this sturdy microscope was designed with educators and their students in mind. Fully functional and affordable, Euromex created this microscope to provide an educational tool that could stand up to the rigors of the classroom, even if that means being carried daily from one classroom to the next. With the option of a cord or rechargeable batteries as a power source and an integrated carrying handle, this microscope was designed to be on the move and accessible anywhere.  

The binocular eyepieces are adjustable to ensure accurate and precise viewing. If you opt for the digital camera upgrade, you can digitally focus the lenses to provide the clearest images or videos at every magnification, from 10X to 40X. 


The StereoBlue microscope is the professional version of the EduBlue. Designed for use in laboratory settings, it boasts a lot of power. The StereoBlue offers an ergonomic rack and pinon stand that can be adjusted to ease the back strain involved in leaning over, without losing a clear view of the item on the stand. This microscope comes with 3W LED lighting for brilliant light without glare and minimal power usage to ensure that you can see every aspect of the viewed item. Although designed for professional use, the option of trinocular viewing makes it a valuable tool in higher education classrooms, particularly those that study life sciences, electrical engineering, or biotechnology. 


The NexiusZoom is the top-of-the-line stereo microscope manufactured by Euromex. Available models include those with rack and pinon track stands and those with pillar stands. Depending on your needs, you can also have either of those types customized with two or three eyepieces. Regardless of the style or customization you choose, these microscopes are designed for precision, efficiency and ease of use. 

Offering an automatic zoom lens, magnification of up to 45X and an optional digital camera, the NexiusZoom is highly adaptable and suited for a wide variety of applications and fields. 

All of the types of NexiusZoom are professional grade but can just as useful in the classroom as the laboratory. The stand offers dual 3W LED illumination for great viewing from any angle, and an optional 360° rotatable round stage with a built-in polarization filter for true color and reduced glare.

This stereo microscope is well suited for those who work in fields like jewelry, textile and plastic manufacturing, entomology, biotechnology, archeology, botany, archeology, and agronomy, and for the students that are learning how to work in those fields.

Why Euromex? 

Euromex has earned their reputation as a provider of state-of-the-art microscopes and other optical tools for education and professional use at affordable prices. Manufactured out of the highest quality materials and carefully checked for quality assurance, each of the microscopes that leave their facility are guaranteed to function as promised and stand up to daily rigorous use. 

Euromex is active in over 120 countries through their own resale or through distributors. They have a large number of high-volume clients including schools and universities, research and clinical laboratories, and corporations in various industries. They strive to treat every customer, whether they are ordering one microscope or 1,000, with the same level of service and attention to detail. 

This consistent quality and affordable pricing are why AmScope is proud to carry a large variety of Euromex microscopes. Whether their customers are educators, professionals, or students, AmScope knows that Euromex microscopes will meet the needs of their customers.

To find out more about Euromex or any of the other brands of high-quality microscopes we carry, visit our website or contact us. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff is available to answer your questions and offer advice to help you decide which microscope will best meet your needs.