5 Reasons Why Microscopes Are Great Gifts for Hobbyists

Microscopes aren't just for people who wear lab coats to work. Our classic perception of microscope users is often of scientists who have devoted their lives to research or lab techs who analyze samples in the healthcare field. While these folks most likely interact with microscopes more frequently than anyone else, they aren't the only ones who can benefit from their use. 

In fact, a microscope just might be the answer for that one person on your list who's always so hard to shop for. With the end of the year approaching and holiday sales getting underway, you may want to consider adding a microscope to your shopping list. Here are five reasons why microscopes make great gifts for hobbyists. 

1. They Help Encourage Hobbies

How many of us have an interest that just sits in the back of our mind, gathering dust, until just the right situation arises? Maybe you've been wanting to practice your calligraphy, but are waiting until you can afford those pens you've always wanted. Or you have most of the equipment you need, but it's old and uninspiring, so you continue to put your passion off for yet another day. 

Sometimes all it takes to reignite enthusiasm for a hobby is a little push in the right direction. At the end of the day, there's no better encouragement than a brand-new piece of equipment waiting for you to dive into your favorite activity. 

2. They Help Foster an Interest in STEM Education

Another way that purchasing a hobby microscope could benefit the whole family is by encouraging STEM education. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a group of subjects highly sought-after in the job force and taught in school from an early age. Cultivating your child's interest in science at home could give them a leg up on skills they can take to the classroom. By helping them develop good microscope skills, you can give kids the confidence they need to excel in STEM studies both in and out of the classroom.  

3. They’re Essential for Coin Collecting

Studies have shown that people with hobbies tend to develop more of a purpose in life. This has been linked to a better quality of life and even increased longevity. Group hobbies, in particular, have shown to be effective in elderly communities at promoting purpose and overall happiness. 

One of the many activities for which one might purchase a microscope is coin collecting. Stereo microscopes are helpful for determining the value of a coin, by revealing scratches or blemishes that would otherwise be impossible to see. The older and rarer a coin is, the more every tiny detail counts in influencing its worth, and many defects and irregularities cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

4. They Can Take Your Jewelry Making to The Next Level

Another hobby or livelihood that requires a steady hand, and sometimes even a microscope, is jewelry making. Not all jewelry makers require microscopes for their work, but those creating detailed works of art will probably find that microscopes for jewelry making are necessary for producing high-quality products. While it may seem like a big investment at first, the improvement in quality linked to using a microscope to set your pieces can really pay off in the end. 

Once you have the proper magnification tools, you can produce art you can really be proud of, which can even sell at a higher price. Using magnification devices is also the healthy choice, as it puts far less strain on your eyes over time. 

5. They Help Explore Different Avenues of Microscopy

The art of photographing images with a microscope is known as microscopy. While it is often used in labs as a day-to-day research tool, it can also open up whole new worlds to amateur photographers. Fly wings can turn into stained glass, chloroplasts look like tiny forests or cities, and cross-sections of saplings morph into abstract works of art. 

Basically, the sky is the limit when producing art from real-life objects around you, and microscopes up the stakes by allowing you to create perspectives that most people have never even laid eyes on before. Part of photography is having an eye for detail, and what could possibly be more detailed than an image created from a microscope slide

The list of hobbyists who would be excited to open their present to discover a brand-new microscope is endless. Antique collectors, rock collectors and even insect collectors are just a few more examples of hobbyists who benefit from using microscopes and their accessories. With so many proven health and psychological benefits of having a good hobby, microscopes make great gifts to encourage people to pursue their passions.