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Fun and Learning For All Ages

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Ages 4+ Early Explorers

Your early explorer will experience endless fun with these highly acclaimed microscope kits and telescopes. Each bundle features essential accessories, books, and activities to enrich your child's learning experience.


2022 BEST Kids 

Digital Microscope

Top Recommendation

52 pc Kids Microscope Kit 

with Book, Slides, and more!

  • Battery Powered LED Light

    This beginner level microscope is battery powered with built-in LED light.

  • High Quality

    Durable metal arm with stage and clips offer superior value to other competing products.

  • Comprehensive 52 Piece Set

    Includes everything you need to view prepared slides or create your own specimens.

  • Experiment Cards and Activities

    Over 14 exciting activities that teach kids interesting experiments designed to make learning about a microscope and exploring science fun and easy.

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Ages 8+ Young Learners

Browse our collection of products that are designed to develop children's curiosity and interest in science. 

Their skills will be challenged with books, experiment cards, software, and much more!

Save Big!

Microscope, Book, and camera included

Top Recommendation

Premium: 85+ pc Microscope and Camera 

with Kid's Software and Insect Exploration Kit

  • All-In-One Bundle

    Includes everything you require to start observing specimens under the microscope and develop your own specimens.

  • High Quality Components

    All metal, precision focus optics are included for a microscope that is built to last. 

  • Deluxe Insect Exploration Kit

    Includes 30 beautiful insect specimens to observe and a 96 page, full color book '1000 Facts About Insects' from National Geographic Kids.

  • Kid's-Friendly Software Included

    Learn more about your microscope with AmScope's kid's friendly software. Jot notes, make measurements, and share your photos with ease.

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Ages 12+ Budding Scientist

Get all the essentials to kick off a new school year for your developing scientist! These microscopes and bundles include enhanced features for a deeper understanding of science.

Save Today!

2021 Student Microscope of the Year


Top Recommendation

Student Microscope Bundle

with Bonus USB Digital Microscope and more

  • Premium Bundle For Students

    Bundle includes all the necessary tools and accessories for students.

  • High Resolution Images

    The perfect microscope for students to learn science with five magnification settings, 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X and 1000X. 360° Swiveling Monocular Head.

  • Bonus Accessories

    Includes 0.3MP Handheld Multi-USB Digital Microscope, 5 Pack Plastic Disposable Tweezers Set,  25 Glass Prepared Slides and 50 Blank Microscope Slides.

  • Industry Leading Warranty

    The microscope is covered for up to 5 years for defects, malfunctions, and more.

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High School and College Students

Upper level educators and students rave about the economical and high quality microscopes provided by AmScope. Experience the difference for yourself today!

Free Prepared Slides

with the New Student

Microscope Bundle

Top Recommendation

Premium Microscope Bundle

with 3D stage, Camera and more!

  • Premium Bundle For Students

    Bundle includes all the necessary tools and accessories for students and professionals.

  • High Quality, Professional Components

    The Siedentopf binocular head for precise adjustments, a 2-layer mechanical stage with low-position controls, and coaxial coarse and fine focus for ergonomics and an efficient workflow.

  • Additional Accessories

    Includes 1MP Digital Camera, 3-Piece Precision Tweezers Set and 50-Piece Prepared Microscope Slide Set.

  • Student-Friendly Software Included

    Easily capture, measure, manipulate and annotate your observations with AmScope's student-friendly software!

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Student Premium Bundles

Still can't find the right bundle? Check out our premium selection of microscopes that boast better features, bigger savings, and a more complete package for your student.

  • Free Shipping

    on orders over $75 in the contiguous U.S

  • Easy 30 Day Returns

    Purchase with confidence with our 30 day return policy

  • Quality Products

    Enjoy high performance products and accessories

  • Excellent Service

    We are ready to assist and find the products you need.

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Commonly asked

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Orders are fulfilled and sent out from our facility in Irvine, CA. If the order is placed before 12pm PST your order will be shipped the same day. Most orders are delivered within 2 to 5 days (East coast is closer to 5 days. We do provide express shipping options within the checkout process for an additional fee. 

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What is the difference between a compound and stereo microscope?

A compound microscope is used for viewing slides and will have higher magnification. Compound microscopes are typically fused in laboratories, hospitals, vet clinics where specimens are mounted on slides and require light to pass through them to be visible.

A stereo microscope offers low magnification and is used for viewing anything you can put underneath it such as rocks, minerals plant matter, circuit boards, cell phones etc. Stereo microscopes are commonly used in industrial application such as quality control departments, repairs. Specimens studied using stereo microscopes are illuminated using reflected light since the objects being studied typically cannot allow light to pass through them.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do. The order must meet the minimum purchase amount of $300. Purchase orders may be submitted via email to info@amscope.com or by fax 949.271.4795. Click here for more information on the terms and conditions.

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